2020 Memberships are rolling in !

Please welcome, and welcome back in many cases our first 2020 Members.  Nationals are Oct 24, 25 ,2020 in Austin TX on Lake Travis –

Paul Henderson, FL USA 457

Dennis Clark, WA

Fritz Mueller, FL

Paul Guidi, FL

Rick Peyran, CA. USA 288

Gil Greenwood, OK

Of course Rob Coutts, CA ,President, USA 9 and James Bland TX, Executive Secretary, USA 8 [NZL 585] are all signed up.  Rob has found the sister boat, a Pedersen?  design, ISAF 1841 / NZL 518 a sister to NZL515 which I sailed in the last Worlds and Rob won the 2005 ? Worlds in India.

I was given a 1972 USOKDRA newsletter.  In that newsletter, you could read of growing fleets, over 800 registered boats and new members added by the score.  It’s time to regain that participation.

US OK Dinghy Racing Association has not collected dues for a few years, so the cupboard is kind of bare.  Memberships and donations are necessary to pay for administrative items, prepare for the Nationals, and start to look at low level advertising in the Harken Showcase or Scuttlebutt online.  Participation at any level is appreciated.

US OK Dinghy Members

I’d like to request that all US OK Dinghy sailors send me two of your favorite images for your OK dinghy and maybe include yourself too.

Feel free to post to our Facebook page –  https://www.facebook.com/USOKDRAExecutiveSecretary/

Thanks in advance.


Rescued Classic Plastic, USA 288

Please give Rick Peyran some appreciation and welcome back to the Class. I’ve asked Rick to consider full membership with his classic boat. If you’re in California, we have a lot of activity starting to bubble up as the website gets discovered. San Francisco, Los Angles, San Diego could all have fleets of 3 or more by the end of next year if people band together.
Hello James,
I came across the new US OK Dinghy Association website. Thank you for your efforts to revive the class in the US. I thought I would let you know about a boat I rescued from the landfill a few years ago. I rebuilt it and have been sailing it for recreation out of Oceanside Harbor, CA.
The boat had been part of a Navy recreation program on Mission Bay. The sail number is US 288. I was able to salvage the outer skin of the sandwich glass hull (foam core had disintegrated), the traveller bar, and the sail. The rest of the boat was unusable (rotted and full of termites).
I replaced everything else mostly of wood (mast, boom, CB case, internal structure, deck, blades). I got a set of plans from Mary Reddyhoff in Britain to guide the rebuild.
I rigged the boat simply with a boom wedge instead of a vang and minimal controls, definitely old school. I enjoy sailing the boat and reliving my youth when I sailed an OK in Oregon and Washington before the class died with the introduction of the Laser.
Best Regards,
Rick Peyran
Carlsbad, CA