Excerpt from OKDIA November Update

Robert Deaves writing to the National Secretaries – Well done USOKDRA members, 2021 renewal / membership invoices will be published in December:

“8. Despite the restrictions and cancelations caused by COVID-19, 2020 has been a very successful year for the class. More boats have been built than in any year since 1980, and a huge number of masts and sails have been made. As you probably saw, Jesper Strandberg has sent his old mould to the USA and hopefully they will be building soon. Seven other boats also went in the same container and are being sailed. The membership in the USA is now at his highest level since the 1970s and is increasing all the time, and full credit to James Bland for all his work to achieve this. Many countries continue to attract new members, and we hope to welcome many new members to OKDIA in the coming months. Everyone is looking forward to getting back to normal racing.”

Published by James Bland

USOKDRA Executive Secretary; USA1008 / USA 8 / "Secretariat"