Code of Conduct

US OK Dinghy Racing Association Code of Conduct

  • I will play the game / sail with a spirit of good sportsmanship and greet other competitors with “Good Sailing” before and after racing.

  • I will conduct myself in an honorable manner with integrity both on and off the water.  I will not team sail, hunt a competitor or cheat to gain an unfair advantage.   I will not tolerate another sailor who lies, cheats or steals.

  • I will never knowingly break a rule, but if I do, I will divulge the breach and accept the penalty.

  • I will take no action that could be interpreted as an attempt to intimidate, demean, bully, harass, or harm my opponents, teammates or umpires.  If another sailor is in danger I will stop to assist.

  • I will interpret the rules in an impartial manner, always keeping in mind that the purpose of the rules is to ensure that the game is played in an orderly and fair manner, creating a level playing field for all.

  • I will humbly accept any penalty that the governing body at any level deems appropriate.