Test Drive at AYC

Paul and I have been talking for some time.  The day wasn’t perfect, but Paul enjoyed the ride and saw the potential of the OK.  The room and comfort of the cockpit compared to his Laser was noted.  Bright Sun, 35˚ C, 1.34 m/s ave wind speed an hour before Local Apparent Noon.

OK Dinghy Worldwide

18 [457mm] x 24 [610mm] inch mount, 9 [227] x 12 [305] inch image, India Ink on Bristol Paper. Based on Rob Coutts Photograph, India Ink Illustration by James Bland . For sale to any interested collector /  US OK Dinghy RA Patron, pricing provided on request. [From OKD Worlds 2019, Wakatere ]. Artist proof […]

OK Dinghy European Championship Results / standings

Speaking about the recent growth in the class, he said “I think the fact that we get so many former Olympians and professional sailors adding to the class, that just makes the class more interesting and more attractive and the boats these days are just super fantastic with a super finish.” https://manage2sail.com/en-US/event/kiwo19#!/results?classId=ok    

Attention on Deck – It’s Official

Attention on Deck – the United States OK Dinghy Racing Association [USOKDRA] is officially formed as a not for profit Corporation in Texas, has an Executive Board, a custodial bank account, a tax identification number and has applied for 501.c.3 tax exempt status with the US Treasury IRS [Pending] – we are officially open for […]