Austin Yacht Club [TX] Centerboard Regatta; Finn Texas Blue Chip Championship

THE 2019 AYC CENTERBOARD REGATTA and Finn Texas Blue Chip Championship was held the weekend OF October 26THAND 27THat the club.  Special guest, coach and world champion sailor Rob Coutts [USA 9] sailed in his Finn which was transported 1,000 miles to support the Regatta.  The Weather conditions were championship caliber with a little bit of everything […]

AYC Centerboard Blue Chip Regatta – New Artwork

The Austin Yacht Club is hosting their annual Centerboard Regatta, which is also the First Annual Finn Texas State Blue Chip Championship !  Oct 26, 27 at AYC on Lake Travis.  Getting ready for the 2020 Membership season, so I’ll preview some new artwork. James Bland, Executive Secretary, USOKDRA –