Questionnaire for USA Sailors – please respond before June 15, 2020

USA Sailors ONLY – help the USOKDRA make decisions and provide your opinion / answers to the following questions.  Your answers would be appreciated by email to jfbland at me dot com.

If you are not a member, please consider becoming one. $50 for an Associate Membership.  See the rules/procedures.

All OK sailors – if you’d like to participate, please list your country organization first in your reply.

Individual helpful comments, please reply directly here – with your country if not the USA.

1. Do you currently own an OK Dinghy?

2. Are planning to own an OK dinghy in the next two years?

3 When do you think you will build or purchase an OK Dinghy?

4 Which would you prefer to buy, New or previously owned?

5 How much would you pay for a new boat of any kind? – For an OK Dinghy?

6. How old are you / year of birth?

7 How would you rate your Physical fitness / ability to sail.  ->  Excellent [works out]; Good [I like to take long walks on the beach] ; Fair [Walks to local bar].;  Poor [my idea of aerobic exercise is walking from the couch to the refrigerator to get a beer. ;  Lastly – Physical Fitness , what’s that?

8. How would you rate your sailing ability, or Sailing Experience. [Novice – Experienced – Advanced – Semi Pro – Professional ]?

9.How easy would it be to start a fleet on your home Lake / Beach on a scale of 1-5 . 1 impossible to 5 we’re ordering boats now.?

10. Would you ever consider going to a World Championship in Europe or Southern Pacific [Outside USA ] – yes or no ?

11. Would you ever assist either financially or with volunteer time with a World Championship held in the USA.?

12.How important is a custom OK to your sailing plans on a scale of 1 to 5.? 1 not important -> 5 Won’t consider anything but a custom boat.?

14. Do you prefer plywood or composites as building materials for your OK dinghy?

15. Do you prefer to build your own boat, or purchase a composition hull, or purchase a ready to sail package. If none of these what would you do when purchasing a new boat.?

Published by James Bland

USOKDRA Executive Secretary; USA1008 / USA 8 / "Secretariat"