Welcome Paul Henderson and Dennis Clark back to the US OK Dinghy fleet

Please welcome Dennis Clark and Paul Henderson back to the Fleet. I can’t emphasize how important it is to find and welcome back our founding sailors and reclaim the US OKD RA heritage. The 21st century fleet must become the stewards of the class history and the seeds of future growth. Thank you Dennis for reaching out and becoming a member once again.


Sorry to not reply in a timely manner, things have been rather busy for me.

I was 10 yrs old when my father started Clark Boat company. there was a group of 15 or so who built ok’s for themselves in his fledgling shop. Axel Olsen was living in Seattle and working for Boeing at the time and in his Danish/english attempted to direct traffic. It was a fun madhouse.

We then built many oks and I was a pretty lucky kid at 12 yrs to get one. The Nationals were in Seattle in 1963 and I was fortunate to come second to Colin Park.
Through my teenage years I sailed Thistles, 14s, and lightnings, but enjoyed the ok as well. In 1971 (?) the North Americans were in Seattle at Shilshole Bay and the regatta went amazingly my way and was able to snatch victory.

I am 69 now and look back at sailing and the OK as the one “thing” in my life that created independence and confidence for a kid who got picked last for the baseball team.

Thanks for your efforts to keep this most amazing boat relevant.

Dennis Clark

Published by James Bland

USOKDRA Executive Secretary; USA1008 / USA 8 / "Secretariat"